WTB Service - DC/PS2 into My Cabinet. Will pay Handsomely NYC/NJ Area

I would like to order the service from someone in the Northern NJ/NYC area to install a PS2/Mame into one and DC/Mame into the other. I want it to be interchangeable.

If transportation is an issue, I can come pick you up with it is needed. Please PM so we can negotiate exact details and how much the service would be.


Do you already have the consoles and 2 PCs?

I have both consoles and 1 PC. I was thinking of using one Pc and connect it to both.

why not just do a simple thing? get a VGA box for the systems, then use a printer switches to switch between the systems? wire a db15 for the controls as well, and just have another printer box to switch between the systems?

That sounds like a good plan but i still don’t know how to wire up the cab at all. I know the controls is the hardest part. I just need someone who is experienced in this.

is your cabinet running anything right now?

Nope…i haven’t done anything except clean it. I do know it works though because before i puchased it, the previous owner turned it on and was running a jamma game.

OK i have all the neccessary parts. I have a dc/ps2 converter and avga + jpac. Now i jsut need someone to install these into my cab. Anyone know how to do that?