WTB Sega Saturn S-Video cable

Looking for an S-Video cable for the Sega Saturn. I’m having a hard time finding one elsewhere and am hoping I can find one here. Using the RF cable just doesn’t cut it for me. Thanks.

Try to contact this girl form ebay she sells/makes lots of cable and might have one

If you can’t find a set of s-video you can go the scaler route like I did its the next set up from S-video with separate RGB you would need a cheap scaler and a scart cable for the saturn

Thanks, I’ll have to check that out.

cool let me know if your looking to go the scaler route and I"ll detail it out for you the good thing about the Saturn is you don’t have to use a sync stripper to hook it up to a scaler and you can also hook up one of Toodles T-SLG’s to get the cool retro scanline look.

The thing is I already have a good CRT TV that I use for all my older consoles and the best input that it has is S-Video, so the easiest solution for me would be to just find an S-Video cable for the Saturn. Also with my CRT TV I won’t have to emulate scanlines with a generator. It looks like if I went the scaler route, I’d have to find a CRT with Component in since I don’t really wanna play on my LCD. I could use the scaler to output VGA to my CRT Monitor, but it’s only 17" whereas my CRT TV is 27". On top of that I’d need to find an output for the audio. So…I think finding an S-Video cable is a simpler option haha. That Ebay store told me they should have more in stock this week, so hopefully I won’t have to wait for much longer.

That’s cool she has good cables, but just to let you know the Component connection you see is for input the output is vga also the girl you are getting the cables from makes a cable that separates the audio from scart I did not get it because I added a headphone jack on the back of my Saturn

Ah I see, that’s cool. Anyway, I was able to grab a cable from her Ebay store today so I should be up and running by next week!

My cable just came in today and the jump in quality just floored me. Build quality is great and it looks and sounds AMAZING!!