WTB: Sega Saturn HSS-0130 Astro City

Title says it all. I am looking to buy a complete Sega Saturn HSS-0130 Astro City replica controller. I have been watching ebay for quite some time, and have had no luck. Perhaps someone here has one in a box they don’t use much anymore and want to get some extra cash for Street Fighter 4 gear.

I’d pay via PayPal.

Check yahoo auctions japan. They sometimes pop in and out of there good luck though.

Wow you must have not been watch ebay hard enough just sold my last complete one last month. Now all I have is the one I modded with sanwa and semitsu parts and a case that I may mod.

Yahoo Auctions requires a valid Japanese address now … and yea I missed out on those Stargalaqtic =(

Still lookin’!