WTB: Sega Saturn Games ( Fighting, Platformer...ETC ) JAP/US versions

I am basically looking for all types of Sega Saturn stuff. For a reasonable price of course. I’m looking for a few things specificly but let me know if you have anything you are trying to get rid of. Here is a list of what I have and what I am looking for.

Looking for any type of games with any region code JAP/US/EUR. ****

What I have:
Marvel VS SF (JAP)
X-men VS SF (JAP)
Pocket Fighter (JAP)
Mega Man 8
VF 2
Legend of Oasis
Daytona USA


I have exactly what you looking for. I have one more Barebones dual mod available. NO soldering required. You just put in the stick and the buttons and you are done. QD’s and everything. I’ve done this numerous times and everyone has been satisfied.


The white one with the T5 panel is still available. Works with ps3 and 360. Let me know if you are interested.

Sorry, I am only looking for Saturn stuff. I forgot to put that in the title.

No prob.

Hey I actually have a couple SS things I was about to post…youd have to just list a couple things youd be interested in because I have too much to list…

These are the games I am most interested in

Clockwork Knight 1+2
Mega Man X4
Rockman X3
Marvel Super Heros ( JP Version )
X-Men COTA ( JP Version )
Street Fighter alpha 1-3

Vampire Hunter/Savior should be on that list too!

I have a complete copy of Street Fighter The Movie for SS if you are interested.

I have VF1/2, Fighting Vipers, Fighters Megamix, Shinobi Legions, and Guardian Heroes. They’re US versions, no cases and i think I have the GH manual somewhere.

Just saw a couple of these in my collection…Rockman X4, Clockwork Knight1(JP), Street Fighter Zero, Street Fighter Zero 2, Marvel Super Heroes (JP)…anything else…consoles, controllers, other games?