WTB: SE or TE Case

I want to buy the case with no buttons, stick, or pcb. Either version of the case would be fine. I’m looking to spend around 30 dollars without shipping. Please send me a pm and post in this topic as well.

I got a new case coming in the mail this week, and i’ll be gutting my SE case for the 360. You interested? I can take a couple pics tomorrow if you want. :slight_smile:

God knows I could use the money right now.

Yes I’m interested in pics. I’d prefer a stock white one or a yellow one.

I got a stock white SE case, but with custom art. I can take it off for you if you want.

But expect pics tomorrow afternoon, man. :slight_smile:

Take your time, I don’t expect to decide until after Thanksgiving anyway because of the holiday.

Sounds good, thanks man. Like I said though I’ll have 'em up tomorrow, ain’t got nothing going on, lol.

Did you ever score one? I’m looking for a TE case as well.

i’ve got an Se stick case if u want it, and i’d give it to ya for $25

check my sig y0

Pm sent