WTB: Screws for HRAP

I’m re-assembling an old HRAP I had laying around, but the one thing I’m missing is the screws. I’m looking for the screws on the inside, the 6 big ones that are square-shaped towards the top. Couldn’t find the right kind at my local hardware store.

I need a full set, with the accompanying nuts. I don’t need the washers.

If you have some parts laying around and want to make a quick buck, let me know. I’ll pay whatever you think is fair.

You don’t HAVE to buy the same exact screws as the ones that came with the HRAP. You can use #8 size bolts as long as the head is big enough not to fall through square holes and you get the corresponding nuts and washers.

However if you want the same kind of screws, lizardlick sells them on his site as well as anyone else who may sell arcade parts.