WTB: saturn pad for ps2


bump :confused: ive got infinite monies :frowning:

Just as an FYI, I’ve seen these go recently on Yahoo Japan for over $60…and that’s in Japan…importing them would obviously cost more.

ParryAll had some left he said:


PM him about it.


Hey, you’re talking about the black sega with the six face buttons, two shoulder that works with a psx? I have one in mint condition, that I bought about two years ago and never really ended up using. Don’t know if I can find the box though. PM me an offer if this sounds like what you are looking for. I won’t be back to my place until next friday, so it won’t ship until then, just fyi.

is this what you’re looking for?


yeah, that’s what he’s looking for. Except they are sold out in play asia.

anybody have the pad for USB? cause im looking for the usb one.

lik-sang.com used to have a lot but… sony filed a lawsuit… now they’re out of business…

reference: http://www.lik-sang.com

fucken sony = cockblock

lik sang had some pretty good stuff b4 it went bankrupt in general. I was hoping for a clearance sale…