WTB: Sata Hard Drive / Notebook RAM

SoundCard found.
** EDIT: thanks :slight_smile:

If anybody can get me the bottom two, that’d be nice :slight_smile:

I need an 80GB (no more than 80) or less SATA hard drive. Seagate and Western Digital are my preferred brands… make me an offer.

PC2100 256 Notebook memory… i’ll pay $30 or so shipped for it.

not to sound like an ass but good luck on the memory (you won’t get it at that price) as it’s practically sold out everywhere and not only that, not that many retailers carry them at all. i have 2 pc 2700 (256) that should work however, i need your unit specs in order for me to find out as most models are very particular. Your best bet for a sata hdd is newegg

there’s a local store that sells it for $30, and they have a ton of it, but i’m not allowed in the store. I think i’m going to get a friend to pick it up for me… last time i was in there, the guy tried charging me twice for a DVD burner, refused to give me a receipt and all this other mess…
I gots a Dell Inspiron 1100