WTB Sanwa Mounting Plate

Need two of them, have verified/confirmed paypal ready.

i have one but really looking to trade for a jlf wiring harness

these items will be for sale on gamingnow.net in the next few days. I ordered about 50 of them.

akihabarashop.jp is back taking orders you can get it from there.

Check eBay.

Damn it. I knew aki was going to be opened today so I thought I’d order from them when I got done with work. Now there are closed again. As far as Ebay, I don’t feel comfortable buying 2 mounting plates for $25.00 shipped. I’ll probably pick up a few from you Nareg, any ETA on when you’ll have them? Better yet hold onto 2-3 for me :slight_smile: Btw, I got the dark hai buttons yesterday. Thanks for the awesome turn around bro. Going to leave you some positive feedback.

Ooh. Can you post somewhere when they do come in?

I would like to get a harness and mounting panel as well.

those both will be for sale also.

When bro? When?!

They are on the website right now. They went up last night.