WTB: Sanwa JLF-​TP-8Y​-SK Joys​tick

Even though I grew up on classic arcade games like Double Dragon and Wonderboy, I’ve never owned a proper home arcade stick. Even now, it’s a bit out of my budget with a new child and daycare expenses. To satisfy my old-school gaming fix, however, I purchased an iCade Core, a wireless $30 joystick for IOS. I’ve already begun modding it with side pinball buttons and new Sanwa silent buttons up top. The last step is to replace the stock joystick. I’m told a Sanwa JLF-​TP-8Y​-SK Joys​tick will plug right in without any major modification. So does anyone have a poor man’s Sanwa JLF-​TP-8Y​-SK Joys​tick for sale? I’m looking for something to hold me over until I can buy a real arcade quality stick for my Xbox 360. Thanks.