WTB: Sanwa Flash1 JLHS-8Y


I am looking for a Sanwa JLHS-8Y Flash1. I am looking to rebuild the arcade stick that was stolen and id like to buy a Flash1 just like my last one. If you know anyone who is selling a flash1 please send them my way.

Thank you

Have you considered buying a Spark optical PCB from Toodles? They’re a really nice alternative to the FLASH 1 since those are out of production.

Where would I buy it at? I’ve heard about it but I’m not sure where to buy it at.

Here is Toodles’ thread in the Tech Talk forum:

Still looking for a flash1, anyone have one to sale? I’d like to buy one still. (unable to order from toodles cause his site is not up. Please help if you have any suggestions.

Thank You…

You’re actually able to still order from him even though his site is not up yet. Just post a message in the thread asking if you can buy one and he’ll shoot you an answer as to how you can do it.

Or just read the first post of the thread and order it directly with no wait.

I have a flash 1 pcb assembly/5v cord Icould part with.

Really!!! I am def interested. Thank you so much…

$125 shipped?

I just have a few questions, how much are you asking for? Are there any problems with the flash1 and do you have a picture of it?

What’s the best way to get you the money… (are there any problems with it at all? )

Paypal works best and no issues. I can get you a pic late tonight if you require. I can ship tomorrow morn.

jonathan.buttero@gmail.com is my pp

Got it. I emailed you. So I can get a picture… Thanks again…

if he don’t take it hit me up