WTB: RJ45 Cables, Saturn, NEO-GEO etc

What I’m looking for is:

RJ45 for every system sans: GCN,PS2,XBOX1, Saturn and USB.

Saturn: Found it! I’m open for games, the 3D controller and that Action Replay thingy for region free play.

Dreamcast games. Sonic games, fighting games, anything you can think of.

Neo-Geo: That system with the HUGE carts? That. I’ll be needing everything for that and of course I’ll need games/accessories/the MVS converter.

The ETC:

Any old-school game: You have it? Run it by me! I have deep pockets and not a lot of time to look here.

One of those TE screwdriver keychains I see so many of here yet can’t find available to buy.

RJ45 cables: Dreamcast,SNES,N64(They have that?), Genesis

Contact: (regular PM is fine but this is faster/more efficient).
AIM: Smashbrother29
MSN: Smashbrother29@aim.com

Updated with Keychain.

I have some Saturn games in my thread


Thanks but nothing I really want/need to complete my setup. Thanks for sharing though!

you need just regular component cables?

Yeah. Component to component. The prices are ridiculous.

Updated with contact info.

Component cables.

Someone beat ya to it!

Cool, glad you found em. :slight_smile:
I get all my cables from monoprice, never a problem.

Thanks! You seem like the type to know where I can get those rj45 cables…

I have RJ45 cables for a sega Saturn. Haha. We’ve been talking about my saturn I’m selling. Those come with.

Paid you. Waiting on all that stuff and the cable you just threw in!! Will update when I get to a computer.


UPDATED again.