I’m looking for an R4 card All the sites I go to on the web either glitch and wont take payments or are just too sketchy so I figure this would be a job for one of my trust SRK’ers I’m looking for just the card I was planning on paying 5 but If you have another offer in mind feel free to PM me.

I am also looking to trade my Copy of KOF 13 for a Copy of MK9 Komplete Edition Basically right now I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m pretty much only going to be playing KOF casually which is a crime since its really legit so I figure I’d trade it for a game with shittier netcode but more casual appeal to me.
Also may buy If the price is right.

I also have New super mario brothers for the DS and Mario Kart DS that I’d be willing to barter with as well just hit me up people.

SRK does not allow the sale of such items.