WTB : PS3 mad catz limited sticks

PM me if you want sell your arcade stick

Which Madcatz Fightsticks are you looking for on PS3?

Im looking for the TE comic con, TE Femme edition , SFXTEKKEN fightstick pro (with the red case ) and the fight stick pro EVO edition and maybe the TTT2 TE-S+

My first purchase would be definitely the TE comic con and the Fightstick pro EVO editon if you have those 2 sticks

Sorry, I dont have those arcade sticks. There are a few listings on eBay with the sticks you are looking for though.

Madcatz Femme Fatale (PS3)


Madcatz TE-S+ (PS3)

Madcatz Fightstick Pro Red (PS3)

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thanks bro (Y)

I realize you said madcatz, but I got a q4 BAS edition (with box) if you’re interested


And a ps4 rivals edition with box


@otter hm for the rivals?

I got very luck with the rivals stick I bought one 2 days ago for Dirtcheap. But thebqanba stick is AMAZING I wil definitely buy this stick if I win the ebay auction .

somebody copped the rivals instantly. I assumed it was you! all good.

I feel that the qanaba is priced pretty fairly so good luck.

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thanks bro (Y)


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I might have something you want. Send a PM please.