WTB: PS3 Dual Shock or Six Axis Controller, Xbox 360 Controller + Recharge Kit

WTB: PS3 Dual Shock or Six Axis Controller, Xbox 360 Controller + Recharge Kit

Preference to Common Ground 360 pads. Thanks!

Must be in working condition!

Hey how much willing to spend on that PS3 Dual Shock? My Circuit City has a bunch of them for like $40…

Thats a bit high, its for a Stick PCB, so cheaper the better :), can be Six Axis heh! Wish I could pick up a DS though, still on my Launch Six Axis, but broke lol. Thanks though

Send that to the national archives…

Right :confused:.

Still looking for them

i can sell you a six axis that is mint for 30? PM me if interested

i can sell you a ds3 for 30 + shipping.

Thanks for the offers guys, unfortunately yet fortunately torn pm’ed me a cheaper price before I noticed your offers. bmanrik, I may hit you up for a DS3 eventually though if you still have it then.

I only need a official 360 pad now guys and a plug and charge kit. Thanks!

I have a non-common ground 360 pad with an off-brand rechargeable kit. some of the connections on the front are torn off (I tore them off along witht he wires I had hacked to them.)

Of course, you can still hack it if you know what you are doing and I know that you do.

Both the pad and the kit shipped to you for 25; let me know.

Ill think about it, I am looking at a auction, with a common ground pad, it would make my life easer :slight_smile:

Yeah, hit me up if you want it. Once I have my PS3 joystick wired up I doubt I will even touch the DS3 anymore, I’m just stuck playing SF4 on it.

Def, I tried playing on controller, I can’t anymore lol. I got a launch PS3, so of course I have a Six axis, so eventually when funds are a little better, I intend to getting a DS3, I miss rumble on my GT5P hehe

Anyone have a used Xbox 360 Controller and a Charge and Play Kit?

I just need a Charge and Play Kit now! Anyone?

If you don’t get an offer, I’ll check FYE again after work tomorrow. Today, I saw them for $2.00 on clearance, and since I don’t have a need, it didn’t phase me.

There was only 3 though, so I’ll let you know tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks dude, I appreciate it!, Did you case arrive? Can’t wait :slight_smile: :nunchuck: to see what you do with it

no :frowning:

Toodle’s PCB arrived though.

I need that template. lol.

I have a black / blue cammy that I’m doing. I have a bright blue USB cable that I want to take advantage of :slight_smile:

BTW: What’s the best way to mount that plastic cover down, after I put the artwork on, without screwing it into the case?

If Permanent, glue, if not screw in buttons. Glue works fine, in some ways pressure works fine too, but may come off.

Ill get you the template soon :slight_smile:

Got your PM, and I’ll let you know this afternoon when I come back from the mall.

What type of glue?