WTB PS1 A-Series Pad

After years of struggling to play Zangief and T. Hawk on pad, I finally decided to make my own stick. At the moment, I have my case completely done with all the buttons, the JLF, and everything. I was planning on doing the solderless, A-Series hack. I traded one of my old ps1 pads for one of their pads marked to be an A-Series. Unfortunately…it’s totally not one. So basically, I’m kinda stuck.

Does anyone have an ACTUAL A-Series pad they would be willing to sell? Any help would be appreciated.

IzunaDrop, I’ll be quite honest, spiffyshoes’ solderless hack is a HUGE pain to get going. It takes about 3 times as long as just soldering to a regular PlayStation 1 Digital Pad and the hack isn’t nearly as stable. If you still need one, I recommend you hit up shoo. I believe he (she?) still has one.

Agreed. I groan when I come across one of these now because of how much more involved they are than soldering. People seem to sell these at a premium too when they have them. I’d recommend driving around to your local pawn shops and trying to find one for $5. It should be the clear version that says A on the back.

You can get an easy to solder PS1 pad on ebay for like 6-10 bucks.

I got an easy to solder 1080 model M a while back.

I’m pretty sure i have one. I already opened the case to confirm.

Let me know how much you want to pay for it shipped.


I gave him the one that said “A Series” on the back, in trade for a PSOne pad…

and he opened it up, and it’s not an A at all… Has that happened to anybody before? The pad came with my old PSX that I had gotten about 12 years ago or so.

And Mixah already agreed to solder the pad and send it back to me, so I decided to do that. No need for this thread anymore. Thanks though guys.

Yeah, it was more than likely this one which doesn’t have the connector.


That’s it.


insert wires & glue. am i missing something?:confused:

Wow, this is about 1000 times cleaner than how my dual mod looked. Repped. :tup:

:bgrin: thanks man. it wouldn’t of been possible without your guide! i’m sure you helped so many out by posting it.