WTB: Prewired PCBs for PS3 and QDCs

well I found mostly everything I needed so far.

looking for:
prewired PCBs for ps3 (cthulhu boards work)
and 50 x QDCs (i think size 0.10 or something) but!!! it has to have like a encasing over the terminals… if anyone knows what i mean…

you should probably order the cthulhu from toodles. i posted last week looking for a used ps3 pcb, and only got one response with a $25 sixaxis.

toodles? is that a website ?

some dude that mad it easy for people making a pcb wich he decide to call cthhulu or how ever you spell it. You can buy off lizrd lick and from him not sure how that works though

Here’s the link to the tech forum thread he has. It pretty much explains it all there. If you wanted to go wireless, he also sells a board called an axisdapter which plugs directly into a dualshock pcb. I have one in my custom and it works fantastic with zero lag.