WTB: Pre Wired PS2 pcb

Well i am basically wanting this pcb so i can finally finish my dual pcb setup. I have a cthulu pcb in there as it is and yeah, just need this.

is your cthulhu ps3 only? if so i would recommend selling it and buying a mc one to make things easier for yourself, it’s only $5 more. or you can contact toodles and he will sell you the additional pieces to upgrade your pcb.

Yeah, the best thing to do would be to upgrade your Cthulhu to MC if it isn’t already and add a PSX cable to it. You can probably buy a PSX cable from toodles too, or you can buy a PSX extension cable off ebay.

The next best thing would be to buy a prehacked PSone DS pad from here


Like it says in the product desciption on the website, “These are the official Sony Playstation One Dualshock controllers (type H) that are well-known to work with almost all converters out there.”

Yeah i have the Toodles Cthulhu PC/PS3 Board off of lizard lick. Any links to this mc pcb?

Here you go! Toodles is a great guy to work with and will be able to answer any question you have most likely.
I just picked up one of these and it is the absolute shit.