WTB: Playstation 2 Slim Console (used) beat Amazon.com price!

About one month ago my PS2(9yr old) stop working. Today, my friend gave me an Amazon gift card, but before I give them my money, I want to see if any of you guy/girls want to sell you’re PS2(slim version).

  • A picture of the console working(running games & reads memory card) would be really helpful for this transaction.

-The console & slim power cord is all I really need, but if you want to add extra stuff(controller, Av cable) for free, I’ll take whatever you don’t need anymore.


Amazon.com charge $0.99 per item & $1.35 closing fee(video games console). Thats only $2.34! I WILL ALSO PAY FOR THIS!!!

P.S. This is not a fucking bot, and I don’t work for Amazon.com! I’m just trying to take you’re unwanted junk for a cheap price.

I have a bunch of the Evo ps2 slims. Does it matter if they are scratched?

^i’m interested. how much? where is it scratched? how big is the scratch?

They just have lots of mini scratches everywhere!

No, as long as the system is in working condition. I don’t care about the outside of the ps2. If all the hardware is working perfect, I will buy. I was gonna buy a ghost case anyways.

so how much Mr.Wiz?