Wtb nintendo 64 controllers and games

looking for the following:
2 controllers
pokemon snap
pokemon stadium 1/2
the things to plug my gameboy games to the n64 controller would be cool too
banjo kazooie
starfox 64
bomberman 64
mario 64
ocarina of time
majoras mask with expansion pack

anything else cheap you wanna get rid of

N64 Transfer Pack is what you’re looking for bro.

I have one too, as well as a copy of Stadium 2, but I can’t sell anything, get back to me if you need it in a couple months >_< lol

I have 2 Nintendo brand controllers as well as Majora’s mask and Ocarina of time. Let me know what your willing to spend on them.

just let me know how much you think its worth. its your stuff so you put the price on it.

I just check through ebay and Majora’s mask is going for about $18 and Ocarina is about $15 and the official name brand controllers are about 10 each. The games btw have no instructions, but I also have a sealed collectors edition of Majoras mask if you wanted that instead. Also if I can find it I do have an expansion pack as well. But for the 2 games and controllers how does $50 sound before shipping?

pm’ed with offer

I found the n64 expansion pack as well, I just can’t find the tool it comes with.