WTB: Naomi / BlastCity / AstroCity / New Net City control panel bezel

Hey Guys

I am trying to do something similar to what was done here:

and so am in search of a Naomi/BlastCity/Astrocity/New Net City control panel bezel.

If you have one…please shoot me a pm with the details. Thanks for looking!



Just fyi… the astros cp doesn’t come off in one piece like the blasts do. Not sure about the new net city. The astro’s control panel upper part comes off with the hinge… but the bottom is part of the front half of the shell. On a blast the front and bottom part of the cp come off altogether.

a blast panel (like the one in that guide) is probably your best bet. I see them on YAJ for around 5000 Yen quite often. Plus fees and double shipping of course.

Founds, purchased, and just received! Its as awesome as I hoped.