WTB? Namco stock joystick ONLY

Does a Namco stock joystick fit into a Tekken 6 Wireless case without modification? I heard these sticks are supposed to be really good, and might be a better alternative than a JLF.

How much can I get one of these for? I was thinking 15 bucks or so, but let me know what the going price for these is. If it’s too much I’m gonna have to back out though - I’m piss poor atm. :rolleyes:

Fit, yes.

You know that the Namco Arcade Stick has just a regular Hori Joystick?
So you buying the same as what is in you Hori Tekken 6.

HORI Fighting Stick 3; same.
HORI Fighting Stick EX2; same.
Other Arcade Sticks from Hori , same (not the HRAP of course).

The weird feeling from a Namco is because it is old.
Maybe small Case give feeling.
Maybe old Spring give feeling.

But they same Joystick.

I have one for sale.


Oh - I had no idea. I always thought they were different. Thanks for the info jdm714. =) I guess I don’t need it then. Someone close this thread.

is it the same? it doesnt look the same, at least not for the restrictor gates.

It def does not look the same to me… It def does not feel anywhere close to what a normal Hori joystick feels like either…

The microswitches on the Namco are Omron, and I have a feeling Hori doesn’t use Omron as their switches in the joysticks JDM listed or do they?

Hori does use OMRON for the Microswitches.
I have four HORI Fighting Stick EX2; the Virtua Fighter 5, the Dead or Alive 4, the Soulcalibur IV, the regular EX2.

They have the same Microswitches used in Namco.
OMRON V-15-3A5.

Sometimes the Hori Arcade Sticks I listed above do use Matsushita Microswitches though.
Matsushita AM51630A53N.

Instead of OMRON, sometimes will be Matsushita.
You will sometimes see in the same Joystick BOTH of those Microswitches used at same time.
I had another Virtua Fighter 5 that had OMRON V-15-3A5 and Matsushita AM51630A53N going on.

Matsushita is the company of Miicroswitches that Seimitsu uses for their Joysticks by the way.

But about the Restrictor thing, yes, it does look different.
But just the top is different; extra lines.

Other else is the same; Shaft, Base, Pivot, Microswitch.
The Spring is what I do not know.

I do agree that the feeling is not the same.
But that has to be because of the age or something.
Like the silicone grease being not smooth, or spring being old.

My two Namco Arcade Stick did have old grease which needed replace.

Only thing I can say about the Spring is that in Namco, mine is dark.
In my EX2, they are not dark.

Namco Arcade Stick is made by Hori by the way.

And did you guys know that the Microswitches used in the Namco Buttons are the same brand as Microswitches used in Seimitsu Buttons?
The Microswitches in Namco Buttons are TKC MM9-2.

Same Microswitch is used in Seimitsu Mahjong Buttons, JB-35-T

TKC being Tokai Communication.
Seimitsu use TKC for Buttons.

I agree namco stick arent the same as hori ones.

Agree tooo…

hmm, must be the spring then, which makes all the difference in the world.