WTB: Mw2 for 360

If anyone have either, new or used (prefer to be in good condition and no scratches). PM for offer Thanks!

Other hand, I have give Al the Great a msg to see if he still have mw2. I remember him having a thread of games he was selling not that long ago, but he hasn’t got back to me yet.

edit: just added if anyone have a spare vga cable around to get rid of.

edit2: Got a offer VGA cable from a member! Thanks LD!

update: in my last post. Thanks!

one time only bump. Still looking mw2 for 360. If I haven’t got anything, Mods feel free to close the thread on this friday. I’ll be sure to delete it by then.

I have a brand new in box Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition (x360) for sale.

Willing to sell for $150 shipped

I’m good with the Prestige edition. Just looking for the game. Thanks though.

how much u offering?

I’ve got a copy that I’ve only played once. $40 shipped?

lovepig78: I don’t really ask for the price when its up to the seller if they choose to sell what i’m looking for.

Brighenne: PMing you now.

Gl hope u get ur copy the game is great

Thanks man!

In case you didn’t know, they’re running a trade promo at EB where you can get it for $20 if you trade in a certain game. I’m gonna do it to get MW2 this way. Perhaps you have a game on that list that you no longer play.

mcginnis: its all good.

update: I have found what i looking for and Thanks to 2 members here. I’ll close the thread when I receive. Sucks that the feedback and rep are removed =(.