WTB: MvC3 (360), SSF4 (360), Tournament edition arcade stick (360)

just like the thread title says im looking for everything essential to step in the fighting game world. ill pay 35 for mvc3, 20 for ssf4 and no more than 120 for the arcade stick. if u got what i need, lemme know.


gl gaming world sucks when you’re grinding it out

I posted this in another trading outlet thread, but you can buy a new copy of Mvc3 on buy. com today for 40 shipped. Just google buy.com video game deal of the day. Gamestop also has the Blazblue Continuum Shift Tournament edition stick for 130 and SSFVI for 25. The prices are a tiny tad more than your price targets, but would be new. Good luck with your items.

I was looking to sell a couple of these. PM’d.