WTB: misc stick parts // WTS: Misc stuff/Games

I need a few things, and I’d rather not buy in bulk or deal with a million different online vendors for various pieces.

1-1/8" button plugs x2 for HAPP style buttons

White shaft/dust cover for JLF set.

[S]White battop + adaptor[/S]

[S]Green or pink sanwa balltop[/S]

A few (1-3?) misc colored Sanwa snap-in buttons. Just a few different colors wanted. I want my HRAP stick to look like a fucking rainbow.

Make me an offer.

2x white sanwa balltops [S](1x depending if I get a battop)[/S] - $2+shipping
1x black sanwa balltop $2+shipping
2x blue sanwa balltop [S](1x depending if I get a replacement color)[/S] - $2+shipping
(Shipping on balltops is $5 for first 3, $1 for each after, as I’ll need a bigger envelope and such)

Super Street Fighter 4 PS3 - $10 shipped
Call of Duty 4 NDS -$10 shipped
Guitar Hero on Tour NDS - $4 shipped
BlazBlue CS PS3 - $10 shipped

Will accept trades and offers.

Bump. New requests added.

I have a white bat top w/ adapter. $7 shipped http://i47.tinypic.com/dbt5hx.jpg

Dont have the colors of shaft cover or buttons, but i do have 6 white 30mm sanwa snap ins too. They are brand new too. $16 shipped. http://i43.tinypic.com/27yqw3l.jpg

I’ll take the bat top.
PM your PPal.


i have balltop green, and 6 sanwa black rim, white plunger, 2 sanwa black rim, red plunger. $2 per item + $5 Shipping. PM me if interested


KamiKKazi - I’ll get back to you this afternoon. I’ll take that balltop, but not the buttons.

FYI guys, I don’t check SRK much, so give me at least a day to reply in most cases, and on the weekends please don’t expect a reply until Sunday evening or Monday.

Anyway, if you post and I don’t get back and want me to get back to you sooner, just email me: dj.m1x4h@gmail.com. I check that all the time.

Update with sales.