WTB: MadCatz TE-S 360 Top Panel Black and Side Panels

Looking to buy a stock MadCatz TE-S Stick top panel in black to replace my white one for the 360. I’d also like to buy the stock TE-S side panels if anyone has them for available.

u want the art only or the entire metal panel as well?

Metal? I haven’t tried removing it yet but isn’t the art attached to the plastic plexi?

no thats y i posted to help

on the te -s its just full art like the regular te just only it covers the whole top part no plexi its just double sided tape holding it down to the metal panel so when u say the top stick part makes it seem like you want the art and the metal panel

metal pic of bottom

I guess i would only need the art then.

Is it hard to take off just the artwork without messing it up when you take it off?

the te s art is a bit tougher but u really dont mess the art up unless u pull way to hard u may mess up the edge but thats about it

Yeah, I just opened it up and I would only need the art with plexi, not the metal part underneath.