WTB: Madcatz TE or SE PCB

Any version is fine. I just bought a gutted VS fightstick and am looking to restore it.

Located in Oregon.

I have an SE PCB. It’s just the turbo panel and the usb cable. DM sent.

It’s for the PS3.

Thanks but I’m looking for the main pcb, the turbo panel’s the only one left on this thing.

I explained poorly. I have the main pcb. That’s the one under! the Turbo panel.

Yeah that’s the one I have. MB not sure on the terminology on this thing.

Are you still looking for one?
I’m 90% sure I still have the main pcb for a 360 se.
I might also have a ps3 main pcb as well. I’ll dig around in my parts in the next few days if you are interested.

i have several laying around too