WTB Madcatz spare parts

What does everyone do with their knockoff joysticks and buttons from brawl sticks and other SE sticks when upgrading to real Japanese parts? I’d like to buy some of these leftover parts if anyone getting rid of theirs.

I have the jlf clone from the SE.

$10 shipped.
Pm if you’d like

How much did you want to spend? I have a bunch of old parts from mods lying around…

I’ve got a decently sized bag of MadCatz and Hori parts. What are you looking for, and how much would you like to spend? I can take pics/write out what I’ve got if you’re interested.

Edit: Pics and details in my WTS thread.

i have 8 buttons 6 white 2 black and the joystick of original mad catz all used for like 1 week, will sell 25$ shipped

I happen to have some spare madcatz parts. One is the the stick (no balltop) and I have 6 push-buttons (4 white and 2 white outside black inside). I will do $15USD plus Shipping and Handling.

1 Madcat Joystick, and 8 buttons, 4 black, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow.

Thanks to all responses. I’ve gotten enough parts for my needs