WTB keyboard arcade stick Xbox 360


Give me your price and pictures too thanks post or message me

Are you asking for a hitbox? If so I have one that is using a PS360+ to run on 360

Do you have a picture?

Sure, It is a Tek-Innovations Series 1-B Plexiglass Case. It has a clear top panel with a light blue transparent support panel. Both side panels are mirror dark blue and the bottom panel is a mirror plexi. The bottom border panel is black and the PCB mount is black with a clear mount for the PS360. The Front has a mirror name plate with my PSN ID on it (Can buy a custom one for cheap at tek-innovations.com) and has 4 holes cut out on the front panel: 3 for buttons (Start, Back, and Home) and one for a neutrik jack. Both front and back panels are clear. The buttons are all seimitsu ps-14-DNK/KN with the exception of the home which is a sanwa OBSC-30. The 3 Black directionals are using sanwa microswitches pulled from OBSF-30’s for more sensitivity. There are rubber feet on the bottom. Wiring is a bit messy but is fixable. Click spoiler for pix. If interested I am asking $130 Shipped.