WTB: Joytron X-Converter 360 Plus

I need a PS2 to Xbox360 controller converter cable that will work for the Nubytech 15th anniversary Street Fighter pad.

I plan to use the PCB from this controller for my new stick project but Id like to be able to use it for other systems besides PS2.

Also interested in:
PS2 to PS3 convertors
PS2 to Dreamcast convertors


you need to make sure you have the correct PCB before trying to buy a converter. go Here to See what version you have. because if you have 3.5v then you will be able to use the converter…

oh never mind i thought you had the stick. my bad.

Paul i got ps2 to xbox 360 and ps2 to dreamcast. Both converters.

apperantly this is the particular converter I need:
Joytron Xconverter 360 Plus

thats the one i have paul.