WTB: JLF Square Gate

I need a new JLF square gate ASAP. Someone please toss one in an envelope and mail it to me. Looking to pay 5-6 shipped. Preferably from someone I’ve dealt with before.

Old stuff still for sale:

Please reply to this thread and then send me a PM if you want something.

Got some more stuff for sale to pay for other purchases (Back games are NFS). I generally ship same or next day depending on how late I work. Please PayPal as a gift if we’ve done business before.

Most everything is sold at this point. Here’s what’s left:

  • Ascii Grip controller for PlayStation 1/2. This is a fun little controller. I had intended to use it for shmups but my coordination sucks. It’s supposed to be pretty great for RPGs. I recently bought this brand new for $26 and put an hour tops on it. Looking for $20 shipped.

  • Mad Catz Retrocon for PlayStation 1/2. This is a quirky backlit wanna-be NES controller for the PlayStation. The dpad didn’t do it for me. $20 shipped.

  • Castlevania Curse of Darkness PS2. Loose in decent shape. I honestly have no clue what this is worth but it used to be expensive. $12 shipped.


I may list more things as I dig around the house.

Pulled - This apparently isn’t worth as much as I want for it. 360 TE Case with 6 button Arthong plexi. This currently has a LS-56 (octo gate), six PS-14-GN and the original Sanwa 24mm. It’s wired up for my DB15 project boxes so there’s currently no PCB. The only modification I’ve made to the case was to slightly enlarge the cable opening on the cable door so that two cords can fit through.

Sold - Espgaluda for PS2. [media=youtube]m_jaMYDvac0"[/media]. I love this game but I inadvertently ended up with a second copy. It’s in very good condition with a small crease on the bottom of the plastic (not the paper). I’m asking $50 shipped for it which is what I paid. Check out eBay. It’s a pricey title. You must be able to play imports.

Sold: Hori Command Stick PS. This is an awesome programmable stick that someone can make better use of than I can. It also works on the 360 via the Xconverter360. It will usually run you around $80 shipping from Yahoo Auctions Japan. I’m looking for $65 shipped. Here’s my wanna-be programming guide for it.

Sold: Pikmin 2 for GameCube. Very fun and fairly rare GameCube title. Some dumbass wrote their initials (AP) on the game disc, otherwise it would be near mint. It’s written on a black portion so I didn’t even notice it when I originally purchased it. $22 shipped.

Looking for:

PS2 Saturn Pad: Strongly prefer the black to the purple. $60-75. I’ve already modded my Saturn pads for use with both my PS2 and 360. Just want this as a collectors item and for converter testing. I’d also make you a 360 Saturn pad in exchange.

PSX to N64 converter: Tototek apparently made these back in the day.

Beautiful Katamari 360: I was supposed to buy this for $10 on here but it fell through.

Mario/Nintendo memorabilia, plushes, etc

Not really looking for PCBs at the moment.

I need working PS2 PCBs for the Converter Compatibility Thread. Ideally you would just have these lying around after upgrading to a PS3 or 360 PCB. I don’t have some great use for these aside from tossing them in a shoebox stick and testing them with the converters I own. Think of of it as donation to SRK.

Mayflash PS2/PS3
Hori HRAP 2, FS

Basically from any commercially released PS2 stick…

I’ll pay $10-15 for these if you can’t part with them for less. Please test them as I cannot resurrect a dead PCB.

i have super turbo on gba. cover is pretty beat up but it works great. i just moved to another house so i’ll have to find it. post a price here or pm me with a price.

just sold that max shooter a week ago, too bad :frowning:

I have a Yoshi Tomy Zip Car that recharges. Hell it’s my bday today and you can have it for free. :smiley: (Cheap enough, Mr. Cheap One? :P)

Thats the one.

Cover = the label? It normally sells for around $15 on eBay. I’ll post prices in the OP.

Are these the radio controlled cars? I have the Mario and Donkey Kong if so and Yoshi would be a welcome addition.

I got the super mario 64 beanie from the release of Mario 64 10 years ago. The one with the wings on his head dunno if youd be interested.

Of Course! :smiley:
Picked it up @ chinatown in ny.
Just out of batteries and I got lazy to change it AND I’M KEEPING THE KOOPA SHELLS, MUSHROOM AND BANANAS.( Muahahah, haha! Not so much of a deal now is it?! You just get the racer and controller only.)When is your birthday so I can send it over before the date arrives. :smiley:
Other than that it’s used a couple of times and its free ninety nine :stuck_out_tongue:
A little sarcasm if you must, but an honest post for another srk user. :smiley:

Sounds good. Link me to a picture and let me know what you want for it shipped.

Next Sunday. My family and girl say that I never want anything so I sat down and wrote out a list. It’s all really random crap so they’re screwed. I figured I’d post it here though. Sort out what you want for shipping and I’ll PM my addy. Thanks!

I have nothing to contribute, but it has inspired me to put some effort into my birthday list this year. No simple 360 game this time. =D

I found a pic of it on ebay.

How does $7 shipped sound?

^ Sounds great. PM me your PayPal and I’ll get you paid. Thanks.

Yeah, I’ll be 26. :wasted: I don’t think my family will have the slightest clue what the hell any of this is.

Ask them for a HRAP 2 SA :wgrin:

Haha. This is the result of the refund money from that. When I got the thing I kept excitedly telling my girl that my HRAP was here. She thought I was retarded and asked why I bought it when I already had a SFAC.

Hey Kyle, Happy Early Birthday!

^ Thanks, and thanks to anyone who replied.

Sorry for necrobump. I’ve been out of town with work for three days without net access. Last bump before I go eBay it all.

I have two NES controllers lying around. Just pm me if you want them with an offer.

I’ve got N64 extension cables, hit me up if you still need 'em. I’m more into trading than selling, but I’m sure we can work something out.

Edit: I’m sure I can scrape up NES controllers and PS1 Dual Shocks too.

I have a hard time putting a price on NES controllers because I know I have at least a few laying at my parents house in storage. I thought I was going to pay a few dollars for them locally but I couldn’t find any.

Gunstar: I do need em. Anything in particular you’re looking for in the way of trade? I’ll take whatever you can dig up.

Yo man, you building a shrine to classic random gaming items or something??? That’s a rather specific and odd birthday wish list =]


Okay! Lemmee dig 'em up, depending on how easy it is to get I’ll give you an according price. :rofl:

I have a re5 for 360 Im looking to get rid of pm me if your still interested