WTB: HRAP3 - Deal made. thread over

thread over!


so it isnt the SA version? i MIGHT consider it, but i can’t really make a promise on it atm. thanks for posting though. i would like to see the pics btw.

If it’s fully modded that probably means he swapped it out for sanwa/seimitsu already.

what do you mean sa? street fighter aniversary? anyways heres a pic of the hrap i have lol:

PS: i looked up sa. it seems to be a special edition version of some sort…idk what the difference is, but this is the one i got. let me know if interested, oh and i can remove the army sticker and the residue.

actually, i was looking for one with the more rounded style button layout that the HRAP2 has.

thanks for posting though.

Bandit Betty, what are you looking to get for that stick?

im not sure how much they sell for. i tried looking up some on ebay and they all go for about 200 with free shipping. i think they sell for about 150+ here, and amazon has them for about 200 also. i think i’ll make a thread sometime tomorrow and ask for offers i guess. i also have a converter that i’m willing to throw in with it (ps1/2 to ps3)

SA means sanwa edition. But yeah, if you’re throwing up a thread one of the rules is you have to post a clear amount, can’t do a pm me with offers, just a heads up. Nice stick. looks like a HRAP 1 though, I have one too with the same type of layout except violet buttons and bubbletop.

Just a quick question… does the normal HRAP2, the one with hori buttons, require grinding on the plate to make sanwa or semitsu buttons fit?

This FAQ helped me lot:


From the guide, I assume no grinding necessary FOR BUTTONS:


  • Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK
  • Hori Buttons
  • Uses quickdisconnects
  • Turbo switches
  • No mirror top
  • White/Red color scheme
  • Button layout is Sanwa panel / Seimitsu 1P side panel layout
  • Button placement:
    [] /\ R1 L1
    X O R2 L2
  • Pic: http://www.hori.jp/products/ps2/cont...age/image2.jpg
  • Apparently when modding the HRAP2’s buttons, it is recommended to use snap-ins as opposed to screw-ins as there is not enough space due to the mounting area of the new layout.


Looking for a HRAP3 now.

There is a HRAP3 for sale in the official “WTS Stick” thread.


I got one for sale, take a look.

ive updated some things in the first post… im looking for a few seimitsu buttons.

PM sent.