I’m looking to buy two HRAP2 joysticks, new or used, it doesn’t matter to me

So if you’ve been looking to get rid of yours, just name your price!



I also have a finkle stick I’m looking to sell/trade, so if someone wants to do a straight up trade for it, I’d be down with that

I am now only looking for one of these, but I still need one!

I have one modded with green Sanwa buttons and balltop. Someone has offered $150 already, if you can beat that it’s yours.

I can’t beat that, sorry :frowning:

Thanks for the offer though!

Kent Washington huh. Cool. KNow anything about modding sticks?

I know a fair amount about it, why do you ask?

I’m from the spokane area. Looking for someone to modd my T5 stock stick.

actually ill be in seattle in about 2 weeks.