WTB: HRAP2 / T5 stick cord only

My HRAP has been rocking a duct taped cord for almost a year now, and while it still works perfectly, I’d like to make it a littttle bit less ghetto. I don’t know if ALL Hori sticks use the same detachable cord, but I know HRAP2 and Tekken 5 sticks do. I’ll pay $13 shipped, so if you have a busted up stick with a functional cord…throw it my way please!

If someone can confirm that the HRAP3 and HRAP2/T5 use the same detachable USB cord, I have one I can sell you that is in perfect condition.

Sorry MiniFoo it wouldnt work since the end is ps2 port and not ps3 usb, also pcb wouldnt work.

i have one for sale it come off hori program stick and i think it will work.

Double check that one meus. Some Hori cords had only 7 pin connectors like on the Namco Arcade Joystick. These were mostly in the PlayStation 1 era. Most of Hori’s PlayStation 2 era sticks like the Tekken 5 Collector’s Edition stick and the Real Arcade Pro series use an 8 pin connector.

but a harp 3 is a usb cord and a harp2/t5 is a ps2 cord i think he just wants to take his out and plug this 1 in

?? :confused:

Not sure what you’re trying to say here ibeatu. meus is pulling a cord from one of the Hori programmable sticks, which in the context of this argument probably means it’s for a PlayStation 1. That’s what I was referring to.

MiniFoo on the other hand was the one who thought that replacing the Real Arcade Pro 2 cord with a Real Arcade Pro 3 cord would work which you’re completely right, it wouldn’t. Wasn’t disagreeing with you on that one! :lol:

o dam i didnt see the 2nd part of his post lol :frowning:

i ment the minifoo part of ur post :slight_smile:

Hahaha goddamnit, I’m such a retard and don’t have any reading comprehension. :V

It’s all good man, we all have an idiot moment sometimes! I get those a lot when I post on SRK! :lol:

Anyways, Kryian, forgot to mention that I wish you luck in your hunt! It shouldn’t be too hard to track down a cord for a Real Arcade Pro here on SRK. :tup:

lol thanks…all that aside…

Anyone have a cord??

Someone…anyone…please :frowning:

i got a tekken 5 stick cord for the ps2

15 shipped and its bro

gotta cover all the fees ya digg

let me know

sorry to intrude but rules state buyers are not to pay ‘fees’ in the end its up to him though.

Im looking for a new cord.

Is not able in a store? someone knows?