Wtb: Hrap2: Se

As the title says, I’m looking for an HRAP2: SE. To clarify, I’m looking for an SE, as in Seimitsu Edition with the LS-32 stick and those sexy GX buttons. I already have an HRAP2: Sanwa Addition on the way and don’t need another one.

I have seen these mentioned a few times but can’t find any for sale for the life of me. That includes Hori’s site, Amazon Japan and YJA. So the fact that I’m looking to buy one also presupposes that they really exist, and aren’t just a Photoshop hoax.

One thing that might have caused you problems during your search is that it’s not HRAP2:SE. It’s just HRAP:SE. These were made quite a while ago but I used to see them on YHJ auctions regularly…granted they were for $200+ plus all the applicable fees and the like, but still regularly listed.

Try searching again and if you sort by highest price first, it’ll help you find it. Good luck on your search.


A Nice version of Paik?!?! Wow im impressed :tup:

Checking Hori’s site I see that you are correct, it was indeed an HRAP1. I 've been searching YJA for Real Arcade Pro (in katakana, but there’s no Japanese support at work :lame:) and haven’t come up with any of the SEs at all. Lots of Saturn VF sticks that would awesome if I could pick them up for 200 yen or less, but no SEs.

$200 though…not to mention shipping and bs fees that would take it to more than $300…if that’s really what they’re going for it would be cheaper just to get a custom stick built. Thanks for the heads up on the price Paik, it looks like I’ll just be getting something custom built instead.

I never did a search using Japanese. I just went through the categories usually. Games -> Video Games -> PS -> Accessories. Something like that. Also if you go through SMJ’s search you could probably get it narrowed down to “joysticks” quickly. I haven’t looked on YHJ in a looooooong time, but yeah it’s not that hard to use YHJ without knowing Japanese…it just takes patience.

Well, I was going to call him an idiot for now saying HRAP2:SE, but I figured, why not be a nice guy for once?

Don’t expect it to keep on. The older I get, the crankier I get. Haha. But if I’ve been cranky to you as of late, my apologies!