Wtb: Hrap1

looking for an hrap1 pm me! include shipping to houston/ stafford texas zip code is 77477 pm me with price… sanwa modded is a plus

maybe a CFJ stick? =?

Why not a HRAP2? Those are still pretty easily available.

i like using the 2nd 6 set of buttons… ionno if its because im a fat mother fucker but i like having a bit more space in between the joystick and buttons



actually i dont know.

there are some hrap2’s on ebay

HRAP1s are hard to come by now.

i think your best bet is to get a modded T5 stick. the button layout of the T5 stick is very similar to (if not exactly the same as) the button layout of the HRAP1.

but sanwa mod isnt as easy, and doesnt even have a sanwa stick :frowning:

Yeah… It’ll cost around $150-ish for a modded T5. That’s including buying the stick, and then modding it. It’ll be more if you have to ship it to a modder.

Of course, spending that much already you could just chip in some more and buy a custom stick. But then if you don’t care about the fancy slim wooden cases and all that stuff, then a modded T5 is just as good imo and you can save that extra $40-60 for something else.

bigbryan, i sent you a pm

mouse i replied and actually i got a really good price on a modded T5 with hrap buttons and JLF stick… im debating between 2 sticks right now i think ill go with the one thats more affordable?

Bigbryan, Check http://www.toysnjoys.com

I bought a CFJ HRAP1 from them a while ago, and they still seem to have them in stock. Their price has gone up a bit since I bought one (I paid 142 shipped). But at least they have them at all

yeah i looked there hrap1 - 150, cfj - 160… ouchie might as well go custom

Sanwa mod isn’t that hard actually. I’ve been gone for a while so I’m not sure about the prices now, but I think getting a T5 stick and modding it would be cheaper than buying a rare HRAPv1 or a CFJ stick. Give’s you a personal stick as well.

i actually have a t5 stick with a broken button… but i just dont have that much time to mod right now and i want a nice stick haha… maybe ill end up modding and selling to make up costs

With a plexi cut with 6 button layout and new paint, T5 mods look pretty sexy. Id prefer that over a hrapv1 O_O, but thats just me heh.

malignant mouse lmk a price =\

I have a working hrap1 but it’s completely stock. Its not the one with the mirror but the one that came right after.

Looks like this: http://image1.play-asia.com/170/PA.07635.001.jpg

I need to test it to make sure its in 100% working condition because I haven’t used it in months (ever since I got my first custom) Assuming it’s in 100% working order I’d let it go for say $80 + shipping. Let me know if that sounds reasonable.

It’s in very good condition no major marks or anything like that on it. I’ll take pictures for you as well when I get home if you are interested.

Darn… if it was the mirror top, I’d definitely be interested.