Anyone have a spare shell they are no longer using? Doesn’t matter which version. As long as its one of these.


You want the old ASTROCADE-style HRAP case!

That’s the case (usually molded in black plastic) used for most of the HRAP 1, 2, and 3 joysticks…
Licensed HRAP’s (Arcana Heart 1 and 2; Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Codes, Tekken 5 and 6, Street Fighter IV) used the same style case-housing.

(Correcting myself – I believe a huge chunk of HRAP 2’s WERE molded in white. Most HRAP 3’s – excepting a few variants – were molded in black.)

That HRAP case is out of production but there are still thousands floating around. Cheapest one to buy would probably be a used American Tekken 5 stick. You can sometimes buy those sticks for under $20. They’re NOT worth whatever Amazon.com marketplace is charging. That stick is rubbish (knock-off Hori joystick and buttons are lousy; PCB’s okay for PS2 games) except for the base housing and faceplate…

lol, well, thats nice to know. But my HRAP EX shell just came in the mail today. Thanks to Momo666. Thanks again MANE!
also, no longer looking, please close.