WTB Hitbox Aracade Stick Mod for PS Vita


Currently have a Hori HRAP VX-SA 360 arcade stick and an official Hitbox Arcade with the PS3 only cthulu chip. Want too turn either of the sticks into a permanent hitbox stand for my vita.

I can ship you my vita, my stick, and cover the shipping too and back.

Everyone wants a super slick easy no damage too their vita mod I am willing too take a scratch or two if you can get this too work for me.

And if I can also mail you my PSV’s sony stand so it can sit on the stick like in the video too that’d be a nice extra project as well.

Now I am in no position to actually help you out, but wow aren’t I glad I found this thread! Thanks for sharing! This is dope! I’ll definitely be watching this to see if someone can get something working for you. Good luck!