WTB happ wico perfect 360 joystick

I’m looking to put together my own stick, please let me know if anybody has a 100% working perfect 360 joystick WICO that they are willing to sell. Let me know and we’ll go from there.

Just found a used working one if you’re still interested.

I have a question please, if I show you pictures of different wico/ happ perfect 360 joystick models, could you tell me which ones are better than others? Do you know anyone who can do this?, cuz my research on google has run dry. I know there are 4 and 8 way ones and some I dont think work for street fighter, they are meant for robotron and other games I think… Can you help me figure this out?

Yeah I can do that.

Ok, these are 2 I just scored, which do you think is better? The red bottom and blue bat , the red bottom one is first, I only got one pic , got a couple pics of the second one, the next 2 sticks are ones I saw but did not understand… please give me your advice and opinion…1 red bottom

the 3rd one in wood housing may actually be a later happ right? There are 4 sticks total and I numbered them… I want whatever was in street fighter 3 arcade machines back in the day, in which I consider that the best joystick I have ever used. Hori hayabusa silent optical got me pretty close, maybe 92 out of a hundred. Also, I would also love to hear your thoughts on the ultimarc 360 and paradise magenta, both magnetic right?, and how you think they stack up to the older opticals? I am really trying to recapture my childhood experience and newer fightsticks are great but have not gotten me quite there yet…

Direct message me please

The Paradise Magenta is magnetic based and 100% programmable so you can run it as an 8 way / 4 way etc. and really dial it to fit your style. If you’re looking for something more like the PS360 then Buttercade is shipping the OpticaIL lever which is based on the IL stick. This one has 16 sensitivity settings across cardinals and diagonals to give you some level of customization but less so than the near infinite settings on a Magenta. Really comes down to looking for a Japanese or US/Euro style stick.