WTB Guilty Gear PS4 TE2 or TE2 black side panels

Have a black and white art mod in mind and want a TE2 with black side panels. The Madcatz website only has blue side panels in stock and who knows when they’ll get more. Throwing this out in case anybody has a GG stick in good condition they’re willing to sell or has access to black TE2 side panels.

Hey just to give you a heads up, the side panels on the GG TE2 are actually transparent smoke, no black. I own the GG TE2 so I would know. However, with that being said, unless you’re shining a light directly on them or into them, its difficult to tell the difference. It makes it very easy to add LED strips inside them for a nice glowing effect.

While not ideal, it’s still much preferred to that obnoxious default blue on the PS4 sticks heh. I read a tweet that Madcatz said they might have more of these older editions of sticks at EVO but I don’t know if that means online or not :confused:

I agree 100% Riot, THe stick that Madcatz was referring to was this one. Its the only one announced thus far, but closer to SFV launch date, Mad Catz will release a whole line of SFV fightsticks and fightpads


Was referring to this tweet -

MAD CATZ ‏@MadCatz Jul 1
Miss out on limited edition TE2 FightSticks? We will have some for sale at EVO 2015 including USF4, P4U2, KI & GGXrd! While supplies last!

Hopefully they have some GG sticks. I thought I saw a tweet from them that said they’d “hopefully have more panels in within 1-2 months” but I can’t find it anymore. And the “hopefully” makes me nervous to buy now heh. I don’t want to wait too long and miss SF5 beta but at the same time I know there will probably be deals/updated models throughout the rest of the year. /sigh

Ok, I remember that tweet. Are you looking to buy another TE2 then??

Still looking until anything official actually happens - as of now it’s all tweet and not concrete. =P