WTB: Good gaming video cards!

Hey guys! I’m shopping around for video cards, but these are the 3 that are on my hit list (cuz Imma shoot dem! :rofl:)

ATI Radeon HD 4870


EVGA 8800 GT (S, X and any other crazy added letters. :rofl:)

I’m looking for reasonable offers and I would like details of how long you used a card and why you stopped using it if it’s used. Also a personal opinion on how the card worked for you would be fantastic, and be honest. =)

Cheers guys!

I am using a Radeon HD 5870… godlike. I highly suggest it if you are looking for a new card.

The GTX 260 will likely be the most bang for your buck though if you aren’t looking to spend much. That or the Saphire Radeon 4870.

I know that card is from the gods themselves, just don’t have the $$$ for that. D:

Thanks for the input, though! :smiley: