Wtb: FoeHammer DYI.... Is he in business?

Tried emailing. No response. I’m new on here on this board. Is he still in business ? Thanks

They are…but you might try hitting them up on Facebook.

Contact Doug Johnson on facebook

Perfect. I don’t have a Facebook. Not much of a social media kinda person. Lol

On their facebook they have this email address


I purchased a DIY wireharness kit from FoeHammer’s website here, he’s still active and helped me out with a customer service concern via email. I think he’s also got his contact info somewhere on the site.

@EJM works with FoeHammer also, you might want to send him a PM as a last resort.

Cool. Thanks. I’ll give it a few days.

Try Shep at (holyshepj@gmail.com) or you can also try Doug (doug.foehammer@gmail.com).

If you are looking just for an empty case shell then email Doug, he has a few completed empty cases he just finished recently.

Good luck with that… I’ve been in contact with FoeHammer for more than six months, hoping to order a slightly customized naked Magnum case. @EJM, you’ve been very helpful trying to communicate with Doug, but the latter unfortunately has kept on taking me for a looooong ride.

I got sucked into the waiting spiral with a good excuse, at first, with Doug swamped with work due to EVO. Last time I heard of him was two months ago: he only had to end up with two cases that were “almost complete”, and told me he could start talking about mine after that- never to contact me again. Tried emailing him five days ago, but it went unanswered. I could have asked EJM to go ask Doug personally (again), but felt it was getting embarrassing… and after such waiting already, I feared the most probable was that I’d be stuck just as much in a few months.

It’s quite sad as I love how the Magnum looks, the painting finish looks gorgeous, and not the least, for a reasonable price (just wanted it bigger, ie Hori Fighting Edge sized, with 6 buttons Astro City Player #2 and a slightly further apart stick, lotsa buttons on the sides for full DS4 padhack buttons, Neutrik form factor rocker switch on the back and anti-slip instead of clear window and feet on the bottom- quite some customization, but nothing too wild, I guess).

Even more sad seeing as there are fewer and fewer custom case builders… The worst part being that I need a stick to rehabilitate my left side after having been through a stroke, making playing with a gamepad too painful; so in the meantime, I haven’t been able to and still can’t play versus fighting anymore (and I’m really not appealed with the ready made offering).

I had been warned, though. That experience of mine really mirrors the one another SRK member told me about in PM.