WTB: first arcade stick

Hey I’m looking to buy my first arcade stick for 360

I’m located in Tucson az 85711 not looking to pay over 100 interested in madcatz and hori just not sure which would be better

If anybody has anything to offer let me know thanks for taking the time to read this

I’ve got some stuff you can build your 1st stick with or an injustice fightstick for $60
check out my [listing](FS: Fightstick cases / buttons / ps360+

Hey fellow Arizonan! I have a perfect starter stick. It is in fact, the stick that started my kid playing.
A 360 MadCatz BrawlStick in excellent condition. It currently has full functional mods:

  • Sanwa OSBF-30 pink pushbuttons
  • Seimitsu LS-32 Joystick w/ LB-39 Pink bubbletop

The only issues are that the original vinyl artwork (from WWE All Stars) has warped thanks to this Summer’s heat.
I imagine any new owner would want to apply their own preferred artwork or vinyl wrap, so hopefully this isn’t a big deal.

Includes the original box, padding, and headset adapter.
I’ll send it for $40 shipped from 85212 to 85711. PM for interest.


^ Fugly, but a great deal nonetheless. You can get rid of the heinous artwork and make your own.

Great deal for a sanwa brawl stick.

I have a semi frankensteined TE first edition xbox360 stick for $100. It is essentially a TE but the outter case was originally a ps3 and the bottom plate says marvel vs capcom. I drilled a hole for the headphone jack as all the internals are xbox360. It works perfectly and is in every way a TE.

It looks exactly like a first edition TE but instead on the sides being white , they are black