WTB: fightstick (I am new player) for 360; looking for something under $100

I’m looking for a solid stick in good condition for under $100 shipped. I’ll be primarily using this on PC.

I have a 360 brawlstick with a JLF and sanwa buttons. It doesn’t have the stock art, but it does have a vinyl sticker on it, which i can take off at request. Should work on PC with the 360 controller drivers installed, or should work just fine if you have windows 8 or 8.1 without having to install anything. I can also install a Cerberus that I have laying around for free if you want so it can work on PS3 and PC for sure. Would you do $80 shipped?

I don’t have Windows 8, I have 7. Would I need to manually download the drivers and just plug it in? Also, pics?