WTB: Fighting Game Posters

Nothing specific, just whatever you got for sale.

i have 2 door posters by udon: 1 akuma, and 1 ryu, both brand new never opened



they’re still in the original plastic packaging, but if you wanna kno wut they look like here they are:



i can get you chun li and cammy door posters…30 shipped


they Gouki & Cammy ones are cool.

SupraFist has a couple of nice ones for sale in his thread here:

He hasn’t logged in for a while though, but it wouldn’t hurt to check. I’ve purchased from him before & the transaction was flawless. Good luck! :smiley:

I have 2 MVC2 PS2 posters and an udon morrigan and lilith poster. I may have others; I’ll look. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll get some pics.

Interested. Let me know if you find others. It seems like all the good posters on eBay are from Japan that I could expect to get 10 weeks from now.

I have a ton from snk during the neo geo days, and not sure about Capcom but I will check.

I’ve got the SFAE poster, it’s really more of a banner that I’ll send for 15 shipped.