WTB: EVO Fighstick Pro 2012

I’m looking to purchase a EVO FSP for either PS3 or Xbox 360 (PS3 preferably).

Willing to pay upwards to 150$ for new, excluding shipping. If used, we’ll have to negotiate. I live in Canada though, so please be able to ship there…thanks!

If you want a ps3 V.S. stick I have one for sale. Fairly new for $125

Sorry, only looking for the EVO FSP.

Ive got a slightly used (2-3hrs) ps3 evo stick I could part with. Includes original box and all.

Check your pm butteroj!

Where in Canada are you located?

Sorry, Im in the process of completing a transaction with Butteroj now. Thankyou for your interest!

I’ll ask that the mods keep the thread open until I receive the stick for feedback purposes.