WTB: Etokki Omni Korean Arcade Stick

Really need it badly to play Tekken Tag 2 to its full potential. Let me know the price and the condition. Thanks

I hope someone wants to sell their Korean stick to me lol . I really hope they restock on the end of the month cause if not, I might just get either the Hori TTT2 stick or Fighting Edge.

up… anyone?

You can get an awesome one right here.

Modded with a Neutrik adaptor and a PS360+ this thing is totally pro.

I’m hoping they do get restocked. I want to get the Korean edition too. Good luck on the hunt!

^ I hope so. it’s been a month and counting… still loggin in everyday to check if they got stock on the Omni Korean Arcade Stick :frowning:

^ yes thank you I already did pre order the Korean version.

I’ve been wanting one too but still out of stock.