WTB empty case TE,Hori, tournament fighstick, hrap 3 or custon

like the title says. looking for an empty case with pcb or not. hori, madtcatz show me what you got.
thanks in advance
Update 5/15/10 looking for another case


also interested in round two te cases as well.

I’ve got a round 1 case I’d be willing to sell. Where are you located and what’s your price range?

san jose ca

i sent you a pm. but forgot to put it in the thread lol


san jose ca

do you have pictures?

gimme ur email address!!!

pms replied. any others?


I’m looking for another case. let me know what you have.





bump again

pm sent

replied. still looking for another empty case

I have a T5 case in pretty good shape I’d be willing to part with. I have the cord and pcb too I believe. Let me know if you’re interested.

bump still looking