WTB: Dual Mod service?!?! Xbox 360 and Ps1

-I have SF4 360 Te stick, and I want to get it modded so it can play ps1 as well. Then I can just buy a converter for ps3 and just use 1 stick. Anyone willing to do this?


I am looking for this service as well.

I think all of the info you need is in here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=146124
Also see Kyle’s great thread at: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=172666

From my understanding, you just need a a power source to both PCBs, then you just hook both sets up to the same terminal block.

Since the TE stick already has a terminal block and PCB, sounds like you just need a PS1 PCB and to also powerup the PS1 PCB. I would ask in that thread above to be sure, but that seems to be what most people are doing.

And if you ever need PS1 dualshock PCBs (dualshock PCBs are compatible with the most converters), I sell them with all lines soldered on securely and can put on prongs to connect it to your terminal block. You’ll still have to do a little work to put the thing on (plus you’ll need to add a power line), but it’s all in the info threads above. My PS1 PCBs are for sale here : http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=178528 .

I plan on doing this, maybe if i get enough 360 controllers, i could sell some dual ps2 and xbox360 pcbs.

The whole point was to get someone to do it for me, not do it myself lol. I cant comprehend all that stuff. :sweat:

a universal pcb would be nice

Well, I have $$ in hand ready for anyone who can provide this service. I am attempting to get it finished before I move to Montreal, Canada in May.

Thanks in advance for any PMs or posts regarding getting this complete.

How you going to hijack my thread. :coffee:

I am adding on it sir, not trying to flood the WTB section with multiple posts of the same request.

Not attempting to take it over. :lovin:

I just need a wired early model MS 360 controller hacked. Can anyone do this for me?

Its fine lol.


I could certainly mod it for you, but shipping your stick back and forth would be a real pain when you’re in Phillie and I’m in Canuckstan.

Ah yeah Canada to Philly would be a pain. But my options are slim now and I may just give in…

Akuma001 is the man for this. Its relatively pricey, but he does good work.

Wheres his location and what kind of pricey we talking lol?

He’s where I am and I’m sure his prices are lower than what I quoted you. Plus he’s better at this modding business than me.

I’ll drop him a line, Thx guys.