WTB Dual Mod Madcatz Te Fightstick

topic says it all! shoot me an offer.

I would sell mine 300 but only if you live in LA area. Because I don’t have any paypal account.:frowning:

i have 2x dualmodded sticks.

1st: femme fatale 360 native, chimp, plexi, custom art, buttons, bubbletop. $255 shipped
2nd: Chun-Li TE-S (has normal TE-S Art on it) 360 native, chimp, meshtop. $225 shipped

both will come with original boxes. if you’re interested PM me for pics.

@ Yuri i dont live in the LA area sorry. @ osiris i will pm you.

I’m selling a Multi-Console Cthulhu modded TE with RJ45 jack installed: http://shoryuken.com/f226/wts-mc-cthulhu-rj45-modded-te-272298/ for $165 shipped. I can add 360 support for $40 extra and additional system cables for $10.

@ gum so it wont work on the 360 unless u add the functionality?

Correct. As of right now theres only A MC cthulhu pcb inside. You’ll be able to play it on PS3,pc,ps2,gc,dc,snes,nes,saturn provided you have the detachable cables for those systems.

ill pass im really just looking for ps3/xbox360 functionality. I dont want to pay extra.

still looking

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ok got it.

Sent you a PM.

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